Leirfjord is a municipality situated in the region of Helgeland in Nordland County.

The Municipality has a central location in the region, with proximity to larger labor centers and educational institutions. The Municipalitys town hall, and other central functions, is located at Leland. Leirfjord also has proximity to airport, railroad, the E6 and coastal transportation.
The Municipality of Leirfjord has a total area of 465,3 km2. Agricultural area is approximately 19 km2 and productive forestry land about 61 km2. Sea area is about 14 km2.
At the beginning of 2020 the population was 2294. According to the population projection from the SSB the number of inhabitants in Leirfjord will decrease in the years to come.
Agriculture is the dominating business in Leirfjord. However, it is the Municipality, providing public services, who is the biggest employer. 
Growing up
Leirfjord has full coverage of kindergartens. There are four different kindergartens run by the Municipality. The Municipality has a decentralized school structure, contributing to a safe environment for children to grow up in.
Health and caretaking
Leirfjord has a modern and functional Nursing home, primarily for the elderly. The home care services are also well developed. The Municipality has two GP`s located in a newly built health-center which also houses physiotherapy, maternity and preventive medicine ward and department for mental care.     
Leirfjord offers a rich diversity in terms of cultural and sports activities.Leirfjordhallen was  finished in 2007/2008 . It is a relatively large indoors sports arena that also has facilities for other cultural activities such as conserts, theatre and exhibitions. In addition we have modern facilities for cross-country skiing, a football ground with artificial grass and a public swimming pool. Leirfjord is participating in “Skulpturlandskap Nordland” (Sculptural landscape Nordland) with the sculpture “Omkring” (Round about).
The coat of arms depicts a green branch cross on a golden background. The motive symbolises both agriculture and forestry, but also the life-giving and growth-promoting nature, where the tree is dependent on sunlight, water and nutrients from the earth and air. The graphic form of the cross can also be associated with communication, where the branches form arrows showing the directions from coast to inland, from north to south.  
Leirfjord has nature in abundance! It’s varied topography with fjords, mountains, forests and agricultural landscapes, rivers and lakes gives you rich possibilities to fish, hunt, hike or simply enjoy life.